Seashore survival

In an ever changing situation
consider well your adaptations
be you bi-valve or crustacean
could you switch from desiccation
to total salt-water hydration,
and how would you prevent predation –
could a shell be your salvation?

Children arriving for vacation
full of cheer and sheer elation
may dislodge you from your station
(it’s all part of their education)
could you survive such devastation
form a cement-like rock fixation?
It might postpone your own cessation.

So when considering incarnation
take on board this information
to succeed at seashore habitation
you must display determination
be a master of specialisation
proactive against extermination.
Good luck in your chosen destination!


(In fond memory of all those biology field trips, armed with quadrat and clipboard, knee deep in bladderwrack…)


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